About Us


Gencur Svaty Public Affairs is committed to connecting people, promoting ideas and growing community. Founded to elevate awareness of new ideas and generate understanding of existing concepts among policy makers, thought leaders and the public, we offer a unique approach to public affairs.


Gencur Svaty Public Affairs is a proud Kansas-based public affairs firm striving to connect our partner clients with the heart of Kansas – its people. Based on a solid work ethic, a steadfast commitment to strong relationships with clients and colleagues and the belief that communication must constantly be cultivated to ensure organizational success.

Kimberly Gencur Svaty, MS, founder and principal

Authenticity, integrity, intelligence, dedication and energy are the cornerstone principles of Gencur Svaty Public Affairs. Delivering tangible, marked results beyond expectations is what drives our work.

Gencur Svaty Public Affairs is structured to create strategies and campaigns beyond Statehouse legislative work and fundraising. For nearly two decades, GSPA has connected people, promoted ideas, and grown communities through an evolving suite of technology, marketing, design, polling and campaign services.


Kimberly’s love of good public policy and significant experience navigating-and influencing-the political process drives her.


Gencur Svaty Public Affairs founded GROWING COMMUNITY, a philanthropic effort to help local organizations strengthen their communities. Believing that you must give of yourself during the present to impact the future is a guiding principle at Gencur Svaty Public Affairs. We are proud to support the vital organizations that bring us new knowledge, instill optimism and lend a friendly hand.